Port of Richards Bay

Vessel Traffic Service:
The control centre for shipping activities is Port Control. Vessels should, 48 hours prior to arrival, radio 'Port Captain Richards Bay' advising ETA, draught, freeboard and reason for calling at Richards Bay. Channel 16 VHF is the calling frequency, with messages being passed on channel 12 VHF.

Pilotage is compulsory and is provided by means of a helicopter service, which was introduced in 1995. A pilot tug is on standby if the helicopter is not available.

Harbour craft:
The Port has four Voith Schneider propelled tugs. Each of these has a bollard pull of 41 tonnes. These render a safe and efficient service for ship handling operations. Harbour launches and smaller tugs assist with small craft movements and line running where required.

Berthing Services:
24 hours day - 7 days week

Bunkering is available at four berths and can also be provided by a bunker vessel to any berth in the port as well as at inner anchorage.

Cargo working hours:
24 hours, 7 days a week except for Christmas and Good Friday

The Harbour:
Entrance channel: 22 metres below chart datum

Port Limitations:
Maximum length: 250-300m (depending on berth)
Max beam: 47m
Max draft: 14-19m (depending on berth and tidal restrictions)
Larger vessels may be accommodated on request

Dry Bulk Terminal:

A wide variety of dry bulk ores and minerals both import & export.

Export-three silos, two hard surface open storage areas, four general purpose covered sheds and thirty two storage bins import-25000 square metres coking coal shed and a privately operated fertilizer shed.

Quayside Equipment:
3 bulk shiploaders,
1 woodchip loader,
4 grab ship unloaders,
2 mobile cranes

3 import (609, 701 & 702)
3 export (703, 705)

Imports - 6,4 million tpa
Exports - 6,5 million tpa

Breakbulk Terminal:
Forest products, ferro alloys, pig iron, aluminium ingots, heavy lifts, containers and general cargo.

220 000 square metres open storage and two 10 000 square metres warehouses linked by an 8 000 square metre canopied area which allows for the unloading of weather sensitive cargo.

Quayside Equipment:

Handling equipment includes:
2 mobile cranes
2 rail mounted overhead gantry cranes,
horse & trailers

4 9705-708) also have access to the jetty - berths 801 and 804

3,2 million tpa

Combi Terminal / Bulk Metal Terminal:
Operator: Portnet

Commodities: Steel, granite, pitch coke and general cargo

Storage: 88 000 square metres open storage and 4 500 square metres covered storage. Terminal has access to Combi terminal storage facilities if available.

Quayside Equipment: nil

Handling Equipment: adequate mechanical handling appliances

Berths: 3 (606-608)

Capacity: 2,4 million tpa

Liquid Bulk
Island View Storage

Operator: Island View Storage Limited

Commodities: Propylene, Butene, Butadina, Ammonia, Hexene, Octene and Acetone.

Berths: 1 (209)

Storage capacity: 133 000m

Coal Terminal:
Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT)

Operator: Richards bay Coal Terminal Company Limited

Commodities: Export Steam Coal

Storage: 6,5 million tons

Quayside Equipment: 4 shiploaders

Berths: 5 (301-305)

Capacity: 65 million tpa

Richards Bay Bulk Storage
Operator: Richards Bay Bulk Storage (Pty) Ltd

Commodities: Hexene, Acetone, Butadene, Butine and Ammonia (bulk liquids and liquified gasses)

Berths: 1 (209)

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