Port of Luderitz

Port Control
Port Control keeps full communications from 0700 to 1700 Monday to Friday. This service is complemented 24 hours a ay by Diaz Point Lighthouse, which has direct communications with the Port Captain.

Shipping Hours
24 hours daily

Quayside operation by Port Authority. Stevedores are private operators.

Pilotage is compulsory unless a Pilotage Exemption Certificate has been granted (in case of frequently calling vessels of 50 metres length of vessels).

Harbour craft
12.4 tonne bollard pull (twin screw)
Launch - EGRET

2x Three Tonne Forklifts
1x Four Tonne Forklift
2x Four Tonne rail mounted Wharf Cranes

Cargo Handling Facilities
Oil cargoes and receiving facilities.
One pipe connection at the main jetty for receiving diesel and gasoil cargoes. Four bunker points on concrete jetty.

Cargo Working Hours
Normal cargo working hours:
Monday to Friday: 0600-1800
Saturday: 0600-1200 - Overtime available on request
On request, service will be extended to meet cargo operational requirements.

The Harbour
Channel and Turning Basin:
61 metres wide
150 metres in length
draft restriction of 8.15 metres 7.5 metres at inner anchorage
18 metres at outer anchorage

New Quay
The new cargo and container quay was constructed to accommodate growing demands in the Port of Luderitz. It has a length of 500 metres and draft restriction of -8,75 metres new facilities at this quayside includes a container and stacking area.

Concrete Jetty
This jetty is 240 metres in length and can accommodate a maximum shiplength of 150 metres or maximum ship displacement of 5000 tonnes with dredged depths of 6.1 metres on both sides of the outer end shoaling down to 2.8 metres at the inner end.

Services available at concrete jetty
Supply of fresh water
Bunker fuel
Electrical mains supply
Oil slops removal
Waste removal

Wooden Jetty
154metres length - not safe for cargo handling and heavy loads.

Lay-Up and Maintenance Facilities
This facility is available for smaller craft at the wooden jetty with limited water and electrical supply.

Luderitz Cargo Volumes
General Cargo moved through Luderitz amounts to 200 000 tonnes p.a., while vessel visits average 130 per month.

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