Port of East London

Vessel Tracking Service:
The Port of East London's port control, which incorporates the signal station, is manned 24 hours a day. Channel 16 VHF is the calling frequency, with messages being relayed on the VHF channels 9,11,12,13 and 14.

The port is a compulsory pilotage area in terms of port regulations. The pilotage rendezvous position is located about 1,5 nautical miles east-north-east of the south breakwater. The port has one fast diesel pilot boat equipped with VHF, radio telephone and radar.

Craft Assistance:
All harbour craft are owned and operated by Portnet. The attendance of harbour craft to assist vessels within the pilotage area is at the pilot's discretion. The port has two Peller propulsion tugs equipped with VHF and MF/HF radio telephone, radar, salvage and fire-fighting appliances.

Berthing Services:
All berthing services are manned and operated by Portnet personnel.

Administrative Offices:
Monday-Friday 0730-1600hrs

Marine services:
Monday-Friday 0600-2200hrs
Saturdays 0600-1200hrs

Cargo Services:
Monday-Friday 0600-2200hrs

Grain Elevator:
Monday-Friday 0730-1730hrs

Dry Dock:
Monday-Friday 0700-1630hrs

Ship Repair Facilities:
The Port has a graving dock, known as the Princes Elizabeth. It can accommodate vessels of maximum docking length of 210m and maximum beam of 2 510m at a draft of 500m and can be emptied in four hours.

Bunkering Facilities:
Fuel and oil are available at S and T-berths. Gas oil is delivered by road or rail truck.

Fresh Water:
Fresh-water supplies are available ex pipeline at all berths. The pumping rate is 50t/h.

Ship chandling, which is readily available, is carried out by outside companies.

The Harbour:
Max length: 245m
Max beam: no limits
Max draught: 10,4

Dry Bulk Terminal:
Name of Terminal: Grain Elevator
Major Commodities: Maize
Storage Capacity: 76 000 tonnes
Method of Operation: Conveyor belt system/loading spouts

Liquid Bulk Terminal:
Name of Terminal: Tank Farm
Major Commodities: Refined fuel products
Storage Capacity: Landbased storage outside port limits
Method of Operation: Pipeline

Specialised Terminals:
Name of Terminal: Combi Terminal
Major Commodities: Containers and general breakbulk cargo
Storage Capacity: 8103 sq.m. (covered) / 38 000 sq.m (open)
Method of Operation: Hauler/trailer system and limited capacity

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