Port of Cape Town

Cape Town is the port known as an oil and gas focused repair hub. Cape Town Harbour is a major service point for the repair and upgrade of offshore drilling rigs and other types of specialized vessels used by the oil and gas industry. A large engineering industry in the Western Cape and the Sturrock Dry Dock are keys to the competitiveness of this repair hub. Cape Town is a major logistics point for the West African oilfields and is fast becoming increasingly important as activity also grows on Africa's east coast. Cape Town companies have extensive experience in the fabrication of machinery, plant and equipment for the offshore industry.

Our local hub is ideally situated, offering the essential services required by the client locally, including:

Impressive repair and dry dock facilities: A repair quay and lay up berths are available. The Repair Quay is of 475m in length with an allowable draft of 12m and is equipped with two cranes, one of 15 tons and the other of 4 tons.

Newly revamped A berth oilrig facility:

A Berth specifications:

Length of quay: 275m / Water depth: 12m / Laydown area: 42 700m² / Warehouse 2760 m² / Offices 1000m² / ISPS Port, secure site & CCTV

Marine services

Off port limit facilities: World class supply vessels and offshore helicopters for offshore crew & cargo transfers.

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