ECTN - Burkina Faso

Electronic Cargo Tracking Note

All shipments/ cargo with the destination Burkina Faso (via a foreign port of discharge), should be accompanied by an ECTN application. Once the ECTN has been granted, the ECTN will receive a Unique Registration Number or URN number. This number should be endorsed on the Bill of Lading and is required by the Burkinabese Shippers Council (CBC).

The CBC application is an application that allows the forwarders in the country of origin to apply for an ECTN/ URN.

ECTN - Burkina Faso
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  1. The ECTN should be obtained within 5 consecutive days after vessel's departure.
  2. The ECTN is to be completed fully and in conformance in order to have the visa granted. This will include having all relevant documentation attached to the online ECTN.
  3. Corrections are permitted on ECTN documents. Please consult the Agent for correction costs.


To have a copy of the user manual E-mailed to you, or for more information, kindly contact the Agent. Please see details below

Contact person: Robyn Kinnear Email:
Tel: + 27 21 527 9260  

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